Somewhere in the Middle with Michele Barard with guest Marcus Tony Campbell, author of Rich City Thug-Life

June 29, 2018

Somewhere in the Middle welcomes Marcus Tony Campbell, author of Rich City Thug-Life

Marcus Tony Campbell was raised, along with his brother, in a single-parent home in Richmond, Virginia. As a young man, he got involved in the street life and in the process was eventually incarcerated. While incarcerated, a friend he knew from the street suggested he try writing since he read so much. Not paying any attention, it took for Marcus to get out and get reincarcerated before he gave writing a try. After reading Zane's Sex Chronicles, he thought to himself, I can do that and thus his first novel Club S.E.X. was written. After another setback, he wrote Rich City Thug-Life. He does all his own writing, editing, proofreading, typing, and printing. The true meaning of self-publishing. So far, he has gotten Rich City Thug-Life into his home library system and has been featured in a magazine and at Author Speaks at his main library.