Somewhere in the Middle with Financial Strategist Kendall Weaver

December 7, 2018

Somewhere in the Middle with Michele Barard Welcomes Kendall Weaver

Kendall Weaver grew up in Decatur, Georgia, which is on the East side of Metro Atlanta, but she hails from the windy city, which is why she considers herself to be a tough-skinned, bittersweet GA peach. Kendall runs a financial consulting firm located in the heart of Atlanta that focuses on empowering women and minorities through financial education and implementation of sound financial strategies. This is a pretty big deal considering Kendall’s family was poor and she became a teen mom by the age of 17. The situation forced Kendall to grow up quickly so she could take care of her new family, but she soon discovered that she wasn’t cut out for the corporate world. After being fired from just about every job she’d ever worked, and after much coaxing by a mentor, she decided to pursue a career in finance. Now she runs offices for one of the largest financial marketing firms in North America and leads a team of multicultural boss ladies. Kendall is no stranger to the mental toughness and perseverance required to tackle the challenging times. After struggling with homelessness, poverty, teen pregnancy, and two divorces, Kendall has mastered the art of manifesting while making it look easy. In addition, Kendall gives back to her community and is currently working on a project to mentor teen mothers through business and entrepreneurship skills.


Somewhere in the Middle with Special Guest Stacie McClam

November 23, 2018

Somewhere in the Middle with Michele Barard Welcomes Author and Educator Stacie McClam

Stacie McClam is an educator, a speaker, and now, a best-selling author. In her new book released July 2018, “School Dismissed: Walking Away from Teaching,” Stacie describes why she left the teaching profession. Stacie shares some of the challenges that she faced during her teaching career. She noticed a pattern over the years that some students suffered from trauma beyond her classroom management skills. Many teachers are not trained in mental health and trauma. The book raises awareness about the issue so that both students and teachers can receive the help that they desperately need. Trauma affects the teacher's ability to teach, and as a result, some teachers feel powerless and flee the profession. Stacie has over 9 years of teaching experience. She taught in different states and cities. Stacie feels that she can better serve students outside of the classroom by exposing the realities that occur inside the classroom involving mental health, childhood trauma, and teacher trauma. As a law school graduate, she hopes to become an advocate for teachers by making legal arguments to improve the education system.


Somewhere in the Middle with Caregiver Life Strategist Denise Bampoe

November 9, 2018

Somewhere in the Middle with Michele Barard Welcomes Caregiver Life Strategist Denise Bampoe

Denise Bampoe is a native New Yorker whose background is colored by her immigrant Caribbean heritage and Southern roots. She spent her youth as a track and field scholar-athlete. This took dedication and as a result, Denise was no stranger to hard work and continually pursued excellence.  Due to her intensive academic and athletic training, she was prepared for the challenges of the fast-paced business world. She gained solid experience after having spent over 15 years in the financial services industry. Even though she cultivated a certain level of business acumen, it didn’t prepare her for what was to come next as a caregiver. A strong foundation for survival was laid but her expertise as a compassionate and resilient advocate was cultivated through her experiences as a caregiver for both of her parents.

She soon found herself running to the hospital and patient care facilities for her father who suffered from chronic kidney failure and was on kidney dialysis. Soon thereafter her caregiving duties expanded to include her mother, who was her father’s primary caregiver until diabetic episodes eventually led to leg amputations. This led to a lot of frustrating situations which can be tough on an only child dealing with a lack of support. To her advantage, Denise’s business background helped her to exercise foresight which prompted Denise to tap into resources early enough to begin to prepare for the road ahead. Health and wellness have also become a key priority for Denise especially after witnessing the effects of chronic illness on her parents.  This prompted Denise to establish the wellness and lifestyle platform to chronicle her journey and provide resources, tools, support, and information for new and existing caregivers on preparing for caregiving, caregiver self-care, and dealing with post-caregiving. She hopes to build a community that encourages caregivers to remember to take care of themselves while caring for others.  Her goal is to inspire caregivers to seek the daily joys in life despite the challenges that may arise.  By sharing her experiences, Denise is not only a source of support but serves as a resource to only children or "those who feel like only children" who are caring for their elder parents.

Denise graduated from SUNY Albany with a degree in Business Administration.  She is a professional coach with a certificate in personal development coaching from The CAPP Institute. Currently, she resides in New York with her husband. As a Distinguished Toastmaster, she also can be found speaking on a stage near you. When she’s not curled up with a good book, Denise can be found dancing in a Zumba class or fine-tuning her kickboxing moves. One of her favorite pastimes includes making scrumptious organic meals as she enjoys delicious culinary flavors.


Somewhere in the Middle with Special Guest, Vanessa S. Turner

October 26, 2018

Somewhere in the Middle with Michele Barard Welcomes Educator and Author Vanessa S. Turner

Vanessa S. Turner is from the wonderful state of New Jersey. Due to her love for children and a passion for helping them learn and succeed, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Oral Roberts University. She later furthered her studies and received a Master of Education degree from Regent University. Vanessa is a professional educator who has been teaching elementary school in the public school system for the past twenty years.

Vanessa has a love for God and people. She has actively served in her local church in several areas since she was a teenager. Her longest ministry commitment there was in the capacity of a youth ministry leader for over thirteen years. She led students in home cell groups, drama ministry, choir, and missions trips. She also taught corporate Bible study and preached in teen services. Vanessa was also part of a team of pastors and fellow leaders providing oversight to a regional youth coalition.

Vanessa is a business person who is committed to developing her financial intelligence. She desires to support others in this area. Therefore, she offers individuals the opportunity to be part of a financial education and software services platform. People from all walks of life can participate in the forex market.

The late and brilliant Frederick Douglass said, "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." This quote resonates with Vanessa because she understands that if young people believe in themselves at an early age, they will be better equipped to avoid many pitfalls that adults face.

Vanessa's mission is to empower youth in the area of their self-esteem by showing them that they are champions, phenomenal kids, and have the ability to be successful while having a great impact on the world. When she pours into young people, she is pouring into tomorrow's leaders.


Somewhere in the Middle with Special Guest Best-Selling Author and Coach Tana Session

October 12, 2018

Somewhere in the Middle with Michele Barard Welcomes Tana Session, a Huffington Post “10 Female Experts to Follow in 2018”

Tana Session was born into the New York City foster care system and remained there until she was 3 ½ years old. She experienced various hardships throughout her life, but learned they were not her fault…but they were her problem. She set out to establish a life that was quantum leaps from where she started. Recently recognized as a Huffington Post “10 Female Experts to Follow in 2018,” Tana has built a successful career in Human Resources and a successful business in spite of her background. She continues to use her adversities as fuel and not excuses.

Tana has served as the top Human Resources leader for multiple organizations. She embeds her passion for the field of Human Resources and Coaching in all of her programs. In 2014, Tana established her award-winning, WMBE-certified coaching and consulting practice. Noted as a powerful international speaker, Tana shares her poignant career and life coaching tips with audiences from a personal perspective. Tana is now a bestselling author and an award-winning international speaker.

In November 2016, Tana released her first book entitled Inside the Revolving Door: Chronicles From the Human Resources Department. In January 2017, she released the #1 Best-seller Get Your Career Life in Order, a step-by-step career management and job-hunting self-help guidebook. Her third book, The Little Book of Motivation & Inspiration – Volume I, was released in January 2018. Tana is also a contributing writer for and and has been featured in Huffington Post, Essence Magazine, and on various television, syndicated radio and podcasts. In August 2017, the University of Phoenix recognized Tana as one of its Distinguished Alumni of Southern California. Tana also joined the team of UCLA Extension as an Instructor for the Human Resources Development course, the final class in their top-rated 18-month Human Resources certification program.


Somewhere in the Middle with Special Guest Bestselling Author Dr. Marcia Demers

September 21, 2018

Somewhere in the Middle with Michele Barard Welcomes Bestselling Author Dr. Marcia Demers

Marcia Demers is an accomplished professional with many successful credits to her name. She has ten years of experience in clinical pharmacy and holds a Doctorate in Pharmacy from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Demers is a licensed pharmacist in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. She is a member of the Phi Delta Chi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, which recognized her as the most volunteered brother. She is a member of Nova Southeastern’s Rho Chi Honors Society, which recognizes students for consistent academic excellence. 

In addition to her many achievements, Marcia is now a two-time international best-selling author. She recently became certified as an Author Coach, showing others how to become best-selling authors using a foolproof formula. She epitomizes energy, creativity, commitment, reliability, and integrity, in every area of her life. She is also a licensed Realtor. Her goal is to assist others with one of their most important investments and helping to make homeownership attainable for people who think they never could achieve that dream. 

Marcia is a highly driven, self-motivated individual who enjoys people, reading, dancing, travel and working out. While she remains consistently engaged in working on her own personal growth and development, her core passion is philanthropy, giving back and helping others to achieve their goals and dreams.


Somewhere in the Middle with Special Guest Author Denise August

September 7, 2018

Somewhere in the Middle with Michele Barard welcomes Denise August, author of If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now

Denise M. August is the youngest of five born to Lottie & Alfred August in Los Angeles, CA.  The family later moved to Oakland, CA, where she grew up and developed an interest in dance, music, and entertainment.  She holds an Associate of Arts Degree in Human Services.

Denise is a single mother of two and a proud grandmother of five.  She has worked in television broadcasting with Fox Channel 2 and ABC Channel 7 news. She has spent the last 20 years working for Contra Costa County CCTV and Employment and Human Services. 

Denise August’s first book, “If I Only Knew Then, What I Know Now,” is a God-inspired autobiography depicting how God guided her through the various challenges of her life. Denise was crowned the “2014 Christian Woman of The Year” in Sacramento, CA by the National Council of Negro Women, Inc. & “2016 Woman of Valor” in Richmond, CA by the Iota Chapter of the Beta Pi Sigma Sorority. She also has been recognized by the Mayor of Sacramento, Assemblymen, a State Senator, and the Sacramento Board of Supervisors.


Somewhere in the Middle with Special Guest Investment Strategist John Kane

August 24, 2018

Somewhere in the Middle with Michele Barard welcomes Special Guest Investment
Strategist John Kane

John Kane is a professional investor and entrepreneur with a degree in finance. He had suffered financial setbacks in 2008 with his real estate portfolio and decided to go more into institutional finance. John turned his hobby of investing into a large financial group that manages millions of dollars of investments. His firm advises banks on proper trading protocols.

A native of Washington DC, John and his family currently reside in Arizona. He spends his time analyzing the markets for institutions in the morning. He is passionate about coaching entrepreneurs and individuals to think bigger by changing their mindset. From his training and experience with institutional bankers and traders, he has developed a system that enables companies to exponentially grow their cash flow. These tools can be used by anybody to increase their income. He has taught his system to everyday folks and well as large corporations for over a decade.


Somewhere in the Middle with Financial Advisor Steven Hutchinson

August 10, 2018

Somewhere in the Middle with Michele Barard welcomes Financial Advisor Steven Hutchinson

Steven Hutchinson was born in New York City in the Spring of 1959. He is one of seven children who more than survived childhood in New York City. He is a warrior who fights for his integrity and the integrity of his people. Steven Hutchinson has read hundreds of books, traveled to all 50 states, visited India five times, studied yoga, meditation, and the major religions. He was a
Hindu Priest for 15 years and is the author of Power Thought, a handbook for consciousness, and Budget Make It Now! Steven Hutchinson is presently writing his 3rd book, which addresses black entrepreneurship and the psychological warfare that is involved in that mighty endeavor.

He has had many business failures, which is the only real way to grow as an entrepreneur and be able to share that experience to help others. He is an entrepreneur focused on building an Empire, building a pyramid, building a society of Consciousness. Steven Hutchinson owns and operates PowerTaxx, which is an income tax startup, which he started as a lean start-up. He also is a licensed Insurance agent who provides financial products and teaches people how money works. Steven Hutchinson believes that since we live in a consumer nation we need to be producers to satisfy the needs, wants and demands of our people.


Somewhere in the Middle with Special Guest Cheryl Cooley of Klymaxx

July 27, 2018

Somewhere in the Middle welcomes Special Guest Cheryl Cooley, Lead Guitarist of Klymaxx

You know Cheryl Cooley from her amazing guitar playing as the lead guitarist of Klymaxx. The R&B all-female funk band, KLYMAXX is KLYMAXXTIC, and still going strong.

Their music is a staple on the radio and in dance clubs around the world. Belting out hits like, “The Men All Pause” and “Meeting in the Ladies Room” the group’s name is synonymous with classic women’s anthems. Their beautiful ballad, “I Miss You”, was Billboard Magazine’s #3 song of 1986 and still to this day is played when love is in the air. Continuing into the 90’s with the #4 R&B hit, “Good Love” followed their sultry Neo-Soul groove entitled, “Private Party” showed that they could flow with the changing music trends.

Much of the group’s success can be credited to Cheryl Cooley, Co-founder and original member. She has personally nurtured the group’s unique sound by overseeing the infusion of 80’s funk with a modern swag.

Cheryl's enthusiasm and vision have transformed KLYMAXX into a leaner, meaner entity producing live music that delivers dynamic vocals and uncompromised grooves.
These ladies are serious about entertaining their fans and continuing with the KLYMAXX legacy.